Antonio Sabato Jr. Profile Joins to Promote Run for Congress

Nicholas McNallen

Antonio Sabato Jr., following announcements that he is running as a republican to represent California’s 26th congressional district, has begun posting on the alternative social media website, The website, marketed as a free-speech friendly alternative to Twitter following the ban of Milo Yiannopoulos, is now utilized by nearly 200,000 users, many of whom are vocal supporters of Donald Trump and the policies promoted in his campaign.

His profile has accumulated 1010 followers, and it in turn has followed 1690 user profiles. At the time of writing this article, Sabato Jr.’s profile has made 19 posts.

Among these early posts are invitations to “like, subscribe and share” videos from Sabato Jr.’s YouTube account, including his speech at the Republican National Convention. Other posts include a link to Sabato Jr’s Wikipedia page, as well as the address for his campaign website, Following this link leads to a page under construction, with the text “We’re Launching Soon.”

The apparent utilization of by the Sabato Jr. campaign looks to be part of a strategy to reach out to Trump voters on their home turf, and pitch Sabato as a proponent of the Trump agenda. Based on his account’s warm reception so far, his foray into the new social media site appears to be an effective means of spreading awareness of his candidacy. But will he reach Californians and sway them to vote against their current representative, Julia Brownley?


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