Alt-Right Blogger Had Relationship With Woman While Married, According to Her Blog

If you lean left and you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past year, odds are you’ve been called a cuck. Somehow, a woman’s unfaithfulness to her husband is the greatest insult to one’s dignity in alt-right communities. The worst fate that a proud deplorable can face is to be made a cuckold by their spouse.

This makes the bizarre case of Ayla, known on Twitter and WordPress as “Wife With A Purpose,” so much more baffling. For a couple of years, she’s spread a vitriolic anti-LGBT message while advocating, in her terminology, for “traditional values.” She’s taken up the mantle of the female, Mormon Alt-Right. The strange quirk in her identity as a maternal gay-bashing white-pride crusader, according to previous blog posts, is that not only has Ayla dated women, she cheated on her husband with a woman.

In a blog post made by Ayla nine years ago, she recounts an interview she had with an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints prior to her baptism. In this interview, she confessed to the elder that she had engaged in a homosexual relationship outside of her marriage to her husband Seth.

interview with Elder R

In her recounting, while hinting that she had other romantic relationships with women previously, Ayla states that she would not engage in any further extramarital, homosexual activity. Relationships with women were apparently not something uncommon for her. In a blog post from January 2008, she describes dating a woman who enjoyed dressing up.

land lf the blind.PNG

So how did this Ayla become the person known as @APurposefulWife on Twitter today?

In October of 2015, before the bitterest stages of the U.S. Presidential election, Ayla delineated her view on homosexuality in a video entitled “White Kids, Their Cultural Vacuum & How Gay Culture Fills It.” She laments how many young people can fall into a gay lifestyle, saying “You had culture that was given to you if you were gay, and you had otherness. You had a reason to feel unique and separated from the rest of the world and special, and something to fight for, something to give your life meaning.”

cultural vacuum

She offers these thoughts, before stopping herself and saying, “This is not a part of my life that I normally think about, so I’m just kind of almost embarrassed to admit, and like I said I was very liberal.”

There’s almost a tenderness for her these memories amidst all the shame, something you wouldn’t expect from someone whose regular posts resemble the following:



Not to mention these:



But her personal history, as described in her previous blog “Mother, Lover, Goddess,” makes a mockery of her newly found alt-right values. Her stated views on homosexuality have drastically changed since her days as a newly converted Mormon, clearly. But once, they were a major obstacle to her conversion to the Mormon faith.

Following her interview process, Ayla describes her frustration with the Church’s stance on gay marriage, even as she is being confirmed.


She describes rushing out of the service, before returning to be confirmed, and finally enduring through the following classes.

spewing lizard.PNG

In the final paragraphs of this emotionally charged and vulnerable blog post, Ayla describes the car ride home, explaining her feelings to her children and relying on her spouse.

triple bonus points.PNG

How did someone like this, an LGBT-ally who herself had homosexual relationships, even being unfaithful to her spouse to pursue a sexual relationship with a woman, turn into such a rabid hater of the LGBT community?

It’s difficult to forgive Ayla for the hate she has spread online as @APurposefulWife. And with this additional knowledge of her background, it’s easy to accuse her not only of hypocrisy, but treachery. The LGBT community she used to defend and identify with is now one that she lambasts on a 24/7 basis, from the bully pulpit of her regrettably verified Twitter account. But somehow, it seems like there’s more to this story–just branding her a homophobe and moving on doesn’t suffice.

Does Ayla deserve our sympathy as another casualty of a homophobic religious culture? Is her story the story of a closeted queer person who’s had to repress their sexuality to conform to the tenets of their faith and the expectations of their community? What responsibility does a bisexual person have to represent  and respect the LGBT community as a whole, and not just disappear into the comfort of the heterosexual world when it suits them?

I’m curious to hear arguments for both sides. For now, I can only say Ayla presents a startling case study in the kinds of compromises a religious devotee must make to feel like they belong. And the Alt-Right movement, with some personal reconfiguration, has fit Ayla like a glove. Even if she had to “cuck” around to get there.


Link to a pdf of the archived blog posts used below:

Wife With a Purpose blog, Mormon Baptism

16 thoughts on “Alt-Right Blogger Had Relationship With Woman While Married, According to Her Blog”

  1. The question is, why have we allowed ourselves to be politicized? We are citizens of a Republic, not specimens in a “social science” laboratory. If you don’t tell me what you do in your bedroom, how can I voice an opinion about your behavior? If you tell me, how can I not have an opinion? If I choose to speak on it you have no grounds to complain. I don’t care about your LGBT nonsense, homosexuals or heterosexuals. You can’t be a person if you have been depersonalized. And if you have allowed your personal life to be politicized, or you politicize it yourself, you have been depersonalized.


  2. I read all this slowly and let it sink in. The centrality of what I just read from her is someone totally enthralled and engulfed with herself! I mean, all I REALLY read was me, me, me, me! Talk about self centered! There is no room for the True and Living God in your life when the world exist and revolves around “me, me, me, myself, and I, and back to ME!” Try repenting from your sins and asking the True and Living, Holy, Loving Lord and Saviour into your life! That’s where to begin!😊👍✝


  3. Your point about being called a “cuck” in the beginning of the article referring to being cheated on is disingenuous. The definition of cuckold has to do with raising someone else’s children (et: cuckoo bird). This originated as a derogatory term to refer to people who put the welfare of immigrants above their own countrymen, specifically neocons, but eventually came to be used for anyone who supported immigration.


  4. I don’t know her personally but I stumbled onto the earliest version of her blog shortly after her first son was born. She was a natural mama, as was I, and I followed her through the years on the various blogs she created over that time, with genuine interest in her growing family. I have actually read most everything she has written through her evolution from extreme left to extreme right and I do know the whole story in context.

    I know it seems like she is a hypocrite but that is really not the case. She believes very strongly in whatever view she is writing or speaking about at the time. IMO the problem lies with thinking in extremes in general – she never thinks or does anything in a moderate sort of way. Her views have simply changed from one extreme to the other. This is not the first time it has happened on a variety of subjects, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all that changed again at some point in whatever direction life takes her. I believe she mentioned at one time that she has a mild form of OCD, and that could partially explain the situation.

    I just feel sad for her and her children.


  5. It sounds to me more like she was a liberal when she was younger and has grown out of it. It took some time to let go of the LGBT part of her identity in particular, but she grew out of it eventually.

    Also, you conflated her having a lesbian relationship with valid criticism of the STD rate in the gay male community. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of lesbians that are disgusted that gay men, while a tiny % of the pop are the majority of all new HIV cases, for example.


  6. I knew Ayla years ago. She didn’t cheat on her husband — they were polyamorous. Ayla has become a zealot on every position she embraces. She’s the definition of an extremist.

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  7. I used to read that blog – way back when it was actually written. But, for more context about her Mormonism – I don’t think she is actually a practicing Mormon. Mormon twitter has been trying to track her down for a while, and what they seem to have found out is that she is a very infrequent attender, and that her husband was arrested for pot dealing a couple years back in AZ. Honestly, based on my reading of her blog (like, 10 years ago), I think she is just really attention seeking and wasn’t getting it on the other side, so figured she’d change tactics. I don’t think she’s any kind of true believer in the hate she spews.


  8. It bothers me that she calls anything related to traditions in Europe, white culture, as if skin color is the dominant trait of all heritage. As someone who lived in Europe and knows very well the difference between traditions in different countries, her defense of white culture appears even more racist than she thinks she is. As a lifelong member of the LDS church and part of a mixed culture family, I ask out loud when she will have a church disciplinary council to discuss her ignorant and hateful views which do nothing to help others come into Christ. This poor woman is not only misguided, but her words are pleasing to most bigots around the world and her extreme views are hateful to those in the church who are loving and accepting of all races, creeds, and cultures. I’m glad the church made a statement condemning her white nationalism, but I hope they take the next step to remove her name from church records if she persists in promoting racism and bigotry. Ironically some of the white artwork she has used for her white pride story book was made by people who broke traditional gender barriers for the time. She doesn’t even fully understand European cultures and history because of the extreme focus on melanin content, and genetic makeup alone. I have yet to see a single post not designed to appeal to that single aspect. I truly feel sorry for her children, who at one point had a very open and accepting education, according to her previous blogs.

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  9. few of us have escaped our pasts without scars, we have been lead down a life of degeneracy over the last century and many of us are only waking up. it is a very common story for our people to have come from a position on the left only to wake up to whats going on, the red pill as they call it, and see everything that is wrong and shift hard right. while we shall be judged by our pasts its the future and what we work towards once “woke” that is truly important and repenting for our past sins (tho im atheist) in what ever way we can is whats important as we move forward in this world

    absolutely nothing in this blog changes my mind or my support for Ayla and her very important work of showing to the people who follow in her footsteps that you can repair your broken lives and your broken world
    the first step is the hardest, it get easier and much, much better once you travel this path of the alt-right.
    join us
    we are waiting
    there is lots of us now.

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  10. After some research, I found Seth’s bizarre Family. His father led the family clan into name changing and religion spin off of LDS. Ayla changing her name and religions was influenced. I remembered Seth’s old Facebook was Seth Israel. My gut kept telling me to search that way. It led me to grandpa obituary and his dad’s name. Texas temple Main stream Mormons with bizarre multiple husbands, to wives to you name it. Here is Seth’s grandfather obit.
    Next we have Seth’s dad on this page as he gets more strange. This next link is the most extensive documentary I have ever seen. This is worthy the weekend binge read. The links take you deep into Aylas early life with Seth. oh FYI following Seth’s Maternal Family, His mom is “Faith” on page, I discovered that the new Stewart name was even given to his Mom’s newest husband who is actually a Davis. Mom, Susan Lee Rogers Stewart, aka Faith Israel, and her st. George Utah clan all became Stewarts. Their property links in sugar cane Colorado City area all check out, to redwood and willits Calif all check too. Some suggest it was not LDS that ran her out, but actually the leader of this dark twisted side of LDS polygamist plus clan, which includes blood relatives with the modern Hammon polygamy fam from TV and Warren Jeff’s offspring

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  11. You missed this passage from the December 28, 2007 post in “Mother Lover Goddess”:

    “I’m a bi-sexual who would like to have the opportunity to express my choice fully and marry a woman if I chose to.”

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