How Stormfront Welcomed “Wife With A Purpose” To White Nationalism in 2015

A series of comments in a Stormfront forum provide an insight into how Ayla Stewart, now a verified Twitter user with over 30,000 followers, was initially received by the online white nationalist subculture. The posts demonstrate how Ayla may have been swayed toward the alt-right and further radicalized, adopting antisemitic views from members of the neo-nazi Internet forum.

A user, Pinpoint, shared one of Ayla Stewart’s YouTube videos with the message, “This video is excellent and gives me hope.” He goes on to say, “Please give her some likes and subscribers. We need to stick together.”

gives me hope
The video, entitled “Welcome Refugees?? I blame feminism, this is why,” is among the first dozen posted from her account. It is also her most viewed; at over 126,000 views, it outranks her next most watched video by 110,000 views.

Stormfront-posters were somewhat split on Ayla’s developing ministry. Some were overjoyed at the discovery of an articulate spokesperson that shared their views. “Nice to see a smart young white lady,” commented one user.

smart white lady

“That is the attitude I like to hear from women,” commented another.

our men

User FredF saw in Ayla’s developing hostility toward refugees the beginning of a fully-fledged anti-semite. “Once this girl becomes Jew wise,” he writes, “it will change her world.”

jew wise

Well, I hate to agree with a white supremacist, but in this case, FredF was right. Ayla took to anti-semitism like a goose-stepping duck to water. By March 2017, the so-called “TradLife” lover was making crackpot posts like the following:

jews world war

But while a number of Stormfront users felt that Ayla could become a promising spokesperson for white nationalism, others expressed skepticism that she would ever adopt full-blown white supremacist views.

“I watched some of her other videos, and I do not think she can be convinced to join our cause. She is a former liberal who over the last 5 years has converted over to conservatism, but of the somewhat cuckservative variety,” writes user, The Q. A veteran Stormfronter of ten years, he continues, “I do not think there is any chance that white nationalism is in her future.”

Even among her earliest cheerleaders, it’s hard to imagine any of them would have expected that in the not-too-far future, the TradLifer they were hoping to sway from anti-feminism to antisemitism would end up appearing at a Richard Spencer-led rally.

But Stormfront users definitely saw something in Ayla, something they could cultivate and encourage and use for their purposes. One user described creating a YouTube account just to support her, in the hopes she’d turn toward White Nationalism.

opened a youtube account

“She is good and she has great potentials,” comments another user, a Confederate flag serving as his profile picture.

great potentials

User EuropaMatters describes sending a message of support to Ayla, and encouraging her to “look deeper.” Recommending that other forum users do the same, he explains, “Our goal is not to intimidate, but to hold the door open for those who might want to join.” And join she did.

look deeper


Ayla would go on to create a Stormfront account in November, and promote her blog and social media accounts there herself. Her first posts are below.

just joined up

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