Alt-Lite Loomer Harasses Hillary, Huma at Barnes and Noble

Hillary Clinton’s highly-anticipated book What Happened released this Tuesday, kicked off with a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in New York City’s Union Square. Hundreds of New Yorkers came to have their book signed by their former senator and Secretary of State, with many lining up and waiting through the night to be first in line.

But not everyone in attendance was eager to have their copy signed: Laura Loomer, a conservative political activist affiliated with The Rebel Media, was lying in wait to ambush Clinton with questions, while streaming the encounter on Periscope.

After exchanging pleasantries and shaking hands, Loomer dug in, “The American people would like to know: what happened to your 33,000 emails?”

Hillary rebuffed Loomer’s question with a laugh. As the former Project Veritas operative lined up further attacks (revisiting conspiracy theories from Haiti to Seth Rich) Hillary, moving onto signing the next attendee’s book, retorted, “I’m so sorry that you believe things that are untrue.”

Loomer was then escorted away with her signed copy in tow, but not before lobbing another 2016-throwback diss at Clinton’s long-time aide Huma Abedin. “Huma, so great to see you! I have a question for you,” she began, before continuing her harassment with, “When are you going to divorce your husband for sexting under-aged girls?”

This is not Loomer’s first ambush of a Clinton at a book signing. She pulled a similar stunt at Chelsea Clinton’s book signing this July, asking the former first-daughter to make out a copy of her children’s book She Persisted to Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill Clinton’s accusers. Prior to that, Loomer gained media attention as she interrupted a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar.

As Donald Trump’s presidency continues to flail, it’s not hard to understand why Loomer would continue to attack Clinton. There’s a  yearning for the more embattled days of the election, when a shared hatred for Clinton gave their lives purpose. With Clinton now largely out the political spotlight, the alt-right has desperately spun around for a new villain, a new outlet for their spite, whether an imagined puppetmaster of the deep state or the special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

But for one fleeting moment, Loomer relived the alt-right’s glory days, re-litigated Benghazi and the Seth Rich conspiracy theories, and grabbed another 15-seconds of notoriety, before drifting back into the purgatory of the Trump presidency.

The reception of her latest stunt was lukewarm on alt-right platforms. One poster, calling Loomer a “dollar store general replacement for Lauren Southern” on Voat called Loomer’s stunt out as an elaborate leftist ploy to defame the alt-right. “Never trust a jew using our narratives,” he wrote.

dollar store general

In response to praise on Twitter, Loomer encouraged others to harass Clinton for the rest of her book tour.

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