Wife With A Purpose Slams Welfare Programs . . . But She Raised Her Kids on Federal Assistance.

Yesterday morning, Wife With A Purpose, also known as Ayla, took to Twitter in a brief dismissal of the free summer meal program offered by the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

tweet suggesting most obese children in the world

The summer lunch program, established by congress in 1968, is offered with the aim to “ensure that during school vacation, needy children 18 years or younger could receive the same high quality meals provided during the school year.” This tweet comes after a recent video she released, “Response to RamzPaul, Welfare”, in which she discussed, among other things, her choice to home school for the state purpose of saving the government money, and her distaste for government spending helping illegal immigrants.

The vexing fact in Ayla’s criticism of services like food stamps, welfare, and the free lunch program is this: she’s utilized these same federal assistance services.

While raising her children with her current partner Seth, Ayla was utilizing the WIC program, a government-provided service for low-income families. She writes about it frequently on her previous blog, Mother Lover Goddess, available online in an archived state.

hey, be nice!


Additionally, her blog a full list of recipes utilizing WIC-friendly ingredients, posted on her blog in April 2010. That list is available as a .pdf file right here.

In addition to utilizing WIC, Ayla also used foodstamps, one of the programs she criticized in yesterday’s tweet. These below excerpts are taken from a post in 2005.

And in another post, she wonders if she will be able to survive on welfare or if she should look for a part-time job. The financial aid she describes is for the New College of California where she went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality. The college went defunct in 2008, when it lost its accreditation and closed.

financial aid and welfare


Now let me be clear: There’s nothing wrong with using federal assistance, especially if you need it to help your family get by. But taking it, using it, and then turning around vilifying others for using it? That’s despicable.
Only through utilizing these services has she been able to feed her family to get to the point where she can live in a house, homeschool, and write and make videos for channel. If the programs she criticizes had been cut 20 years ago, or never created, could she have even been able to raise these children?

This particular tension in Wife With A Purpose’s online presence deserves further scrutiny. Much of Ayla’s social media presence is devoted to spreading derogatory messages about racial minorities, immigrants, and refugees.

So much of the fear that has been spread about these communities lies in assumptions that they won’t assimilate and contribute. Now we know: the New York Post designated posterchild of the Alt-Right? Her family’s been here a while: she’s still not contributing.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Full .pdfs of the referenced archived blog pages can be found below:

  1. discussion of food stamps and financial aid
  2. WIC maltomeal
  3. WIC recipes



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