Slideshow: Voat Users Giddy at McCain Cancer Diagnosis

This Wednesday night, John McCain’s office and the Phoenix Mayo Clinic disclosed that the senator had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. This diagnosis followed McCain’s surgery to have a blood clot removed.

The next steps in McCain’s medical treatment may include chemotherapy and radiation, according to the statement.

Not long after the news broke, discussion of the diagnosis rose to the front page of Voat, as users commented on RT’s news coverage.

Taking the diagnosis as a sign of the end of McCain’s political career, users expressed a mix of jubilation and spite.

“Hurry up and die motherfucker!” reads a comment from user MakeUsaGreatAgain.

Another, user Zaqwert, explains:

There was a time I respected and admired McCain and part of me still does.

However over the past few years he’s tried desperately to curry favor with the liberal media and the globalists which has damaged my opinion of him.

He should probably resign from the Senate and spend time with his family. The old establishment Republican era is over.

A slideshow of screenshots featuring Voat user reactions can be viewed below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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